Adventist Christian Fellowship

As Christians in a secular environment, Adventist students in non-Adventist colleges and universities can feel disconnected from their church.

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is for students who want to find other Adventists to fellowship with, and for people who want to help support these students.

ACF hopes churches near a public college or university consider starting a local chapter to reach out to these Adventist students. Through ACF, students are able to find support and resources to help them spiritually thrive while attending public college or university.

Mission Statement

Adventist Christian Fellowship provides support and encouragement to Adventist students in public universities and colleges. Adventist Christian Fellowship proves a place of connection – connection with others of similar beliefs, connection with God, and ultimately, connection with the community and church around them in a way that assimilates their faith into their every-day lives.

If you would like young adult resources, please visit our Resources Section.