Disability Local Church

A study conducted by the National Organization on Disability revealed that 85% of people with disabilities considered religious life very important to them, and that 47% do attend some religious service. The charge of Disabilities Ministries is to tear down the barriers of architecture, communication, and attitudinal barriers that prevent people with disabilities from attending church, making our facilities accessible, and opening our hearts and doors to the 53% that are kicked out and pushed out so that all can worship, study, and serve.

Ellen White wrote in the Testimonies (vol. 3, page 511) that widows and orphans, the blind, the deaf…(and persons with disabilities) in a variety of ways, have been placed in close Christian relationship to His church.

Church leaders can build and develop disability ministry in their local church through prayer, selecting a committee, visitation of individuals and families with disabilities (to discover needs and support), recruiting volunteers, help people with disabilities utilize their spiritual gifts in service, starting a bible study/support group, and connecting with community disability agencies.

Downloadable Files
Access & Accommodation Guide
What Could You Do Brochure

Resources Links
Church Manual Position/Statement
8 Reasons Why Our Congregation Must Become Accessible
Responsibilities Of The Local Church Coordinator
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