Responsibilities of the Local Church Coordinator

The local church Disabilities Ministries Coordinator’s position was approved at the ’95 General Conference World Session in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and information on the position was placed in the ’96 SDA church manual. The church Disabilities Ministries Coordinator is placed under the Adult Ministries/Personal Ministries Department and has a separate committee.


  • Support all people in their relationship with Christ
    Share the concept and vision of the disabilities ministries program with the pastor, members, and surrounding community neighbors.
  • Create an atmosphere that is safe, friendly, and comfortable for all church members, focusing on the needs of people with disabilities in worship, study, leadership and evangelism.
  • Lead the church and collaborate with other departments in breaking down barriers of architecture, communication, and attitude that prevent individuals and families with disabilities from full access to church life.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish and chair a Disabilities Ministries Committee that functions as a subcommittee of the Personal Ministries Council.
  • Serve on the church’s Personal Ministries Council.
  • Identify areas of the church that are not physically accessible and make suggestions for improvement to the appropriate person or committee.
  • Conduct surveys to discover the needs of both church members and community members with disabilities.
  • Encourage the appointment of members with disabilities to church offices and ministries.
  • Keep confidential information regarding a person and his or her disability unless permission is given to disclose the information.
  • Develop programs that meet the spiritual needs of persons with disabilities and assist him/her to be active in the church through worship, study, service, and leadership.
  • Provide awareness and education for the congregation concerning physical, mental and emotional issues for people with disabilities and their families.
  • Train and support local church leaders and members on the inclusion of adults and children with disabilities.
  • Arrange transportation to church and other events for people with disabilities
  • Create an effective method to evangelize people with disabilities in their neighborhoods and communities.
  • Identify community outreach opportunities to adults and children with disabilities and their families in which your church can participate.
  • Serve as liaison between the local church and Seventh day Adventist agencies that serve adults and children with disabilities.
  • Connect with local agencies that assist adults and children with disabilities and their families.
  • Create and submit reports required by your local conference.
  • Pursue continuing education on best practices in Disabilities Ministries for yourself and your team members.