Church Manual Statement

In 1995 at the SDA General Conference World Session held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the world church voted to establish programs to support and witness to people with disabilities through all levels of the organization. Further, it voted that an administrator or coordinator should be selected to provide leadership at the union, local conference, and local church levels, and that this person also serves as a liaison with organizations providing services for people with disabilities.

Below is the action taken at that General Conference Session:

Voted: To add a new section, Ministry to People with Disabilities, to the Church Manual, in the section The Department of Lay Activities, page 91, following Community Services Center, to read as follows:

“Ministry to People with Disabilities – Through the Ministry to People with Disabilities, a local church should give special attention to members and others with disabilities.

It should:

  • Develop programs for witnessing to people who have disabilities
    Make recommendations to the church board regarding possible actions which could make the church facilities more accessible for people with disabilities
  • Assist the church in transportation solutions for people with disabilities
    Advise departmental and church leadership regarding possible involvement of members who have disabilities

The Coordinator of Ministry to People with Disabilities serves as a liaison with organizations providing services for people with disabilities such as Christian Record Services and promotes Christian Record Services programs in the local church.