Conference Women’s Ministries Directors 1988-Present

The conference directors who have served the women in their conferences and have also served as members of the Southern Union Executive Committee:

Carolina Conference 
Faye Haupt, Sonja Eberhart, Ann Pendleton, Debbie Rapp, Cynthia Mercer, Elizabeth Grissom

Florida Conference
Hazel Gordon, Patricia Shanko, Sheryal Vandenberghe, Annie Perez, Jennifer Hernandez

Georgia-Cumberland Conference
Evie Vandevere, Beverly Holweiger, Mary Jo Dubs, Amy Cirigliano

Gulf States Conference
Ramona Greek, Teri Haggerty, Peggy Fisher, Phyllis Eisele, Janice Shipbaugh, April Hobbs, Cynthia Bush, Lisa LaPerriere

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference
Sarah Miller, Sandy Powell, Helen Boskind, Gail McKenzie

South Atlantic Conference
Deborah Harris, Carolyn Hinson, Sylvia Wilson, Rosia Parker, April Smith

South Central Conference
Laura Smith, Shirley Scott, Sonia Paul, Freddie Jenkins

Southeastern Conference
Vanessa Melton, Nicolle Brise’, Mithra Williams. Esmeralda Guzman-Harris, Esmeralda Guzman

God’s Spirit continues to hover over Women’s Ministries.