Part of maintaining an active and growing birth through 12 educational program is dealing with the administrative functions. The Southern Union Director of Education provides several services to conferences and schools to help in this process. As director, Murray Cooper is the executive secretary of the Southern Union Board of Education and is responsible for the overall birth through 12 education program in the Southern Union. He oversees the coordination, evaluation, monitoring, and development of the education program and represents the Southern Union in implementing the North American Division education system. In addition, he assists local conferences in establishing and implementing administrative policies.


Murray Cooper serves as certification officer on behalf of the North American Division Office of Education. He promotes effective curriculum development, the use of authentic formative and summative assessments and ongoing professional growth activities, and publishes the annual wage scale for kindergarten through 12-grade educational personnel.

The Southern Union Office of Education oversees the educational program with the goal of collaborating with local conferences, teachers, school boards, and families to create a clear path for implementing Adventist EDGE goals.

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