Sharing Hope and Wholeness During a Crisis

COVID-19 is front and center in many people’s minds. While organizations like the CDC are providing information on the spread of the new coronavirus and personal best practices, what resources are available for Seventh-day Adventist churches and schools across the Southern Union and how is this impacting the Southern Union and its members? How can we, as Christians, share hope and wholeness to our communities during a crisis?

Impact in the Southern Union

In an abundance of caution and in our quest to be part of the solution and not a problem, the Southern Union Conference, as of the end of business on Monday, March 16, 2020, has transitioned to a virtual operation. All efforts have been made to ensure day-to-day operation will continue without interruption. You can still contact any of our employees by phone and email.

Virtual operations are currently scheduled to continue through May 31, 2020.

For the health of our employees and members, all face-to-face meetings or appointments with Southern Union employees will need to be cancelled, rescheduled or be conducted through phone, Zoom or other technology platforms.

Southern Union Administration realizes the dynamic situation of COVID-19 and that additional government directives, whether federal, state, county or city, could be issued. For this reason, additional precautions will be in place beyond May 31, such as not resuming large meetings for several additional weeks.

For a list of Southern Union events that have been cancelled or have alternative arrangements, please click here.


There are several resources available that will be helpful to churches and members as they evaluate how to best move forward with the mission of the church.

You can bookmark this page and check back regularly for any additional resources or updates regarding the Southern Union response to COVID-19 and resources that are available for churches, school and members across the Union.

Our Opportunity

Throughout the Bible, some of the greatest demonstrations of God’s power, leading and love for mankind were during times of turmoil and crisis. It is during this time of turmoil and crisis across the United States, that we as Christians can put our trust in God and find opportunities to share hope and experience wholeness.