Events Impacted by COVID-19

The following events have either been cancelled or otherwise been impacted as part of the Southern Union Conference’s response to the new coronavirus.

  • Literature Evangelist Meeting, Southern Union Office – March 16 – Cancelled
  • Prison Ministries Convention, Southern Union Office – March 20-21 – Cancelled
  • Pathfinder Bible Experience Southern Union Finals, Orangeburg, SC – March 28 – Cancelled
  • Pastors Stewardship Conference, Atlanta, GA – April 7 – Cancelled
  • Camporee Planning Meetings, Southern Union Office – April 14 – Cancelled
  • Pastors Stewardship Conference, Orlando, FL – April 14 – Cancelled
  • Pastors Stewardship Conference, Madison, TN – April 21 – Cancelled
  • Youth Ministries 180 Symposium, Southern Union Office – May 5-7 – Cancelled
  • Library/Information Resources Advisory Meeting – May 11 – Video Conference

If there is an event not on this list that you were planning on participating in, please contact the event coordinator for the latest information.

In addition, local speaking engagements by Southern Union employees may also be cancelled. Please contact your speaker if you have any question whether he or she will be able to fulfill your request.

Please visit this page for the latest list of events impacted by the new coronavirus.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as the Southern Union Conference responds to the new coronavirus and determines the best way to be able to continue serving the local conferences, churches, schools and members across the Union.