Spirit of the Pioneers

John Nevin Andrews was an evangelist, editor, General Conference President and our first Adventist Missionary. He exemplified the sacrifices of our pioneers. After the death of his wife, he left for Europe with his son and daughter and one small trunk of belongings. Living in the most austere manner, they learned the languages of Europe and started not only the first publishing work but helped give birth to the total European Adventist church. His daughter died at 17 and he at 54. Both died of tuberculosis. One of his last acts was to sign over his remaining assets of $500 to be used in the Lord’s work.

The Spirit of the Pioneers is not dead, but still resides in many members right here in the Southern Union Conference. Planned Giving & Trust Services is designed to help our members further the causes that they believe in while adequately providing for the needs of their family. You are invited to contact your local conference or university for free counsel and services: click here