Project Genesis

Project Genesis
Innovative | Daring | Evangelistic | Adventist


Description of IDEA
Each year the Southern Union set aside $10,000 of its evangelism funds that pastors can apply for to try new, innovative, intentional ways of reaching their community for Jesus. We are looking for evangelism ideas that YOU will implement and can be shared with other churches. The plan must include four principles above.
Develop best practices that keep the essence of evangelism yet apply it in innovative ways in a North American context.
Four pastors will receive $2,500 each. The funds will be given to the Pastor during EC3 earmarked for Pastor’s Project Genesis.
The deadline for application submission is October 19, 2020. We will consider the request when we receive your application in our hands. Late submissions will not be accepted, no exceptions. Feel free to apply next year if you miss the deadline.
A one-page application, simple yet specific about the project: please click here to complete the application (pdf fillable).
The applicant must be registered and present at the Evangelism Conference (EC3) the entire time as the funds are earmarked for this event. No exceptions.


Innovative Evangelism I.D.E.A.

Core Values

  1. I believe that evangelism is central.  Not optional.  Not an event. It’s CENTRAL with all capital letters.  It is the reason we exist.  It is the “why” we open our doors.  It’s not a part of a to-do list nor is it subject to personal preference or an up or down vote. The two questions churches can ask themselves about evangelism are:  What’s our strategy? How’s that working out? The current growth rate many congregations are experiencing is unacceptable if we are serious about reaching our communities for Jesus.  Every member should understand his part in this.
  2. I believe that there are three universal evangelism principles.   Those can be applied regardless of culture, country of origin, age, how secular society is, or how churched or un-churched the population.  For example:
    1. God loves people and wants to save them.
    2. God created human beings with a need for the transcendent.
    3. God delights in having us work with Him in sharing His Good News through our gifts.
  3. I believe that one size does not fit all.  We were created differently. The people we minister to are different and changing. In order to effectively reach the culture around us, we must engage it with successful strategies. A formula for success might look like this:

Dependence on the Holy Spirit + God-given talents + effective strategies = results.
(The three components must be present, for evangelism to succeed.)  In order to answer the question “does it work?” in the affirmative, we must be able to try new methods, without fear of failure. The objective of each member should be to use their talents to minister to others in order to create an atmosphere of growth.

  1. I believe people can be inspired, trained, and exposed; but seldom coerced to evangelize.  Nevertheless, accountability, specific, and measurable goals have an important place in our journey. Questions like: What’s your plan? How will you accomplish it? What are your goals? are all important in that journey. An important part of the goal-setting process is to establish specific, stated, and clear goals for those who are involved in evangelism in the local church. When people are involved in ministry, growth happens naturally.
  2. I believe the pastor is the catalyst for evangelism in the church. Therefore, our department will seek to inspire and expose pastors to materials, conferences, and resources that will help them grow. And then share with his congregation the desire to inspire and instruct them in this area.