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The Southern Tidings is offering a new, environmentally friendly method of distribution: e-mail. Every month you will receive a notification in your e-mail listing some of the stories included in the latest issue. All you will have to do is click on the link in the e-mail and the latest issue of the Southern Tidings will open on your own computer.

You will have access to the latest stories, features, and list of events happening across the Southern Union, all at the click of a mouse. And even more, in many cases you will be able to read the Southern Tidings up to 2 weeks earlier than if it was delivered by mail.

CLICK HERE to sign up now and receive your Southern Tidings in an environmentally friendly format.

The print edition will still be available to those that prefer receiving the Southern Tidings in the mail. If you prefer to continue receiving your edition of the Southern Tidings in the mail, please do not fill out this form. Your next issue of the Southern Tidings will be mailed to you.