Society of Adventist Communicators

This professional development organization began in 1988 as the Southern Society of Adventist Communicators (SSAC). After 11 years, a vote was cast in 1999 to invite all Adventist communicators in the United States – thus the Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) was born. “By expanding the organization to communicators across the nation, it has provided resources which has enabled SAC to grow and also meet the needs of the Adventist communicators who are employed by non-Adventist organizations,” said Olson Perry, former treasurer/secretary of SAC and former communication director of the Southern Union Conference. “This has also raised the level of fellowship and training among our members,” he added. The first national convention was held in 2000 at the Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters building in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Through the newsletter, Practicing Communicating, and the annual SAC convention, members are informed of events and activities, and are kept on the cutting edge of a fast moving communication industry.

The Society was organized to provide support and sharing opportunities for communication professionals in secular or denominational employment.

Each year the Communication Department provides a subsidy to the Communication Departments of Oakwood University and Southern Adventist University so that their students can attend the Society of Adventist Communicators Convention.

Scholarships to attend the annual Society of Adventist Communicators Convention are available to communication majors in their junior or senior year whose church membership is in the Southern Union and are attending a public college or university.


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