Signs Q&A

Yes, most signs require a permit. Our sign engineer will take care of the permitting process. Signs requiring permits will not be ordered until your county planning and zoning has approved the permit.

No, if buying through the Southern Union Conference. We employ the only full-time sign engineer in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and will assist you with your project.

Depending on the location, getting a permit can take several weeks.

The installation labor is FREE. However, there is a chance of having additional expenses associated with the installation of your sign. Those are due within 30 days of sign installation.

After the church approves the final rendering, a 50% deposit is required to start manufacturing the sign. The remaining half must be delivered to the sign engineer via check on the the day of the installation.

Additional fees vary by location and situation but may include the actual cost of items such us: Permit fee, Concrete, Disposal of an old sign; Equipment Rental, Rebar; Sealed Engineering Drawings, Delivery and Crane Set, Building Materials, etc.
Permit Fee: $150
Concrete: $600
Equipment Rental: $1, 100
Rebar: $200
Building Material: $300
Land Fill Disposal: $205
IMS Steel: $355
Delivery and Crane Set: $1359
Engineer Drawings: $700
Most of the time: Permitting, Notice of Commencement (NOC), Delivery and Crane Set, Sealed Engineering Drawings: $2,205.63
Florida State require an Electrician with a valid Electrical Contractor Licensing Board to pull the permit. The General Contractor cannot do it.

Prior to a sign being installed, the following documents are required:

  • A clear survey Site Plan drawn to scale.
  • Certificate of Occupancy (known as a Non-Residential Use Permit)
  • Signed Rendering approving the proposed sign.
  • Florida churches are responsible for securing an electrician for the electrical permit when required.

Survey your church neighborhood and decide where you would like the signs to be located. If the sign is to be placed on private property, written permission must be obtained from the property owner. Meet with your church board to determine the number of desired signs. Have a church representative available to spend time with the sign engineer. Visit or call your local Zoning and Planning Department to determine the sign ordinances and permitting requirements for installing signs. Please contact the sign engineer for any additional information at 770-408-1800, ext.130.

Churches can choose from a variety of styles and colors to meet their signage needs. We offer:

  • Highway directional signs.
  • All ID signs.
  • Changeable Letters signs.
  • LED signs.

All sign options follow the NAD branding guidelines.

The manufacturing process starts after the permit has been obtained.