The president’s office assists in fostering the collective ministry and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Southern Union Conference. Membership growth, evangelism, church planting, tithe and funding the mission, literature evangelism, K-16 Adventist Education,  healthcare ministry,  global mission — all these and more are supported and reported to the constituency by the president, who also thrives on vehemently engaging and conducting evangelistic meetings.

Through his membership on numerous boards and committees in the North American Division and the General Conference, the president interfaces with institutions such as Southern Adventist University, Oakwood University, AdventHealth, AdventHealth University and Loma Linda University, as well as other mission outreach entities of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Southern Union Conference Initiatives

“Reach up, Reach out, Reach Across”

The Southern Union has embraced the North American Division’s vision and developed a mission of, “An Invitation to Intimacy, Discipling, and Caring,” to be spread individually throughout the Southern Union territory:

“An Invitation to Intimacy” – Inviting others to Reach Up to God and enjoy a closer relationship with Him. This relationship can be heightened through personal prayer and study that focuses our attention on Him and His teachings

“An Invitation to Discipling” – Inviting our constituents to Reach Out to others and disciple them through evangelism and the various ministries within the church. The Southern Union is targeting the greater Memphis and Tampa Bay areas across conference lines as focal points for evangelistic efforts throughout this quinquennium.

“An Invitation to Caring” – Inviting everyone to reach out to all people groups within our union with regard to age, gender and ethnicity, while also ministering to others with different philosophies and outlooks. The Southern Union encourages such steps as pulpit exchanges, nurturing cross-cultural and cross-generational relationships, and involving youth in the mission, vision and leadership of the church.

As part of the President’s report at the 19th Quinquennial session of the Southern Union, the following video was presented, highlighting only some examples of how members implemented these initiatives in their lives, churches, and communities.