The Southern Union Administration Statement

October 18, 2018

We in the Southern Union find ourselves in the throes of an extremely turbulent era for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The outcome of the 2018 General Conference Annual Council vote surrounding the governance arrangement document addressing non-compliance with policies for the church yields a broad battery of emotions for our members. The disappointments, mixed feelings, and deepened hurts have evolved and sustain in our union, in our division, and in our world church.

In a mission-driven coordinated effort, church leaders across the North American Division are praying and exploring how our church will march forward according to God’s specifications.

In the meantime, the Southern Union leadership will continue to focus on our execution of the Gospel Commission as planned and operationalized through:

the 2019 Year of Lay and Pastoral Evangelism;
our 2020 Year of Revitalizing Declining and Plateauing Churches; and
our 2021 Strategy for Retention of Members.

Finally, we will continue to celebrate, support, empower, and include our female pastors and other female leaders in the mission of our church.

We pray peace, patience and the power of God for you in the meantime. Hang on. God has been our help in ages past and will be in days to come!

– The Southern Union Administration