What are the other potential costs involved in completing my sign project?

Additional fees vary by location and situation but may include the actual cost of items such us: Permit fee, Concrete, Disposal of an old sign; Equipment Rental, Rebar; Sealed Engineering Drawings, Delivery and Crane Set, Building Materials, etc.
Permit Fee: $150
Concrete: $600
Equipment Rental: $1, 100
Rebar: $200
Building Material: $300
Land Fill Disposal: $205
IMS Steel: $355
Delivery and Crane Set: $1359
Engineer Drawings: $700
Most of the time: Permitting, Notice of Commencement (NOC), Delivery and Crane Set, Sealed Engineering Drawings: $2,205.63
Florida State require an Electrician with a valid Electrical Contractor Licensing Board to pull the permit. The General Contractor cannot do it.