The Southern Union Burns Mortgage on New Office

By R. Steven Norman, III

The Southern Union Conference celebrated the liquidation of its mortgage on March 24, 2016.

“I am happy to announce, says Randy Robinson, treasurer for the Southern Union, “that almost exactly two years to the day after we moved in to our new Southern Union office facility, we celebrated the payoff of our building debt with a mortgage burning ceremony. In the presence of our Executive Committee, the three North American Division officers, as well as our entire office staff, we praised God for the ability to liquidate $2,750,000 of debt in just less than two years! God has blessed us abundantly with a very functional facility that, because of the faithfulness of the Southern Union Conference membership, is now debt free! Many thanks to our committee who wholeheartedly supported this project, and facilitated our ability to now continue ministry debt free. May God be praised!”

Dr. Ron Smith, president, reminded those present that from the conception of this building, ministry and mission have been the guiding purpose. Our ministry is edification, evangelization, and emancipation. Edification is our commitment to learning and effectively teaching the Word of God. Evangelization is our way of life in the Southern Union. It is what we do formally and informally to make Christ known. Emancipation refers to the way we balance our concern for holiness with our responsibility to address homelessness. It is how we fix our gaze on Christ in the holy of holies, and yet not ignore those in bondage to crack cocaine. It is why we preach revelation inspiration while we seek to reduce the rate of incarceration.

Dan Jackson, NAD President and speaker for the event, said, “This represents a victory,” and commended the administrators for their leadership.