Building Down, But Congregation Stands Tall

“Our building has been destroyed, but the church still stands,” says Pastor Rick Blythe, pastor of the Piedmont Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Piedmont, Alabama.

Around 7:12 p.m. Wednesday, April 27, an F5 tornado swirled through the Goshen Valley area at speeds in excess of 200 mph. The fierce funnel hurled vehicles, farm animals, and homes through the air, swept the local fire station away, and then raced across the street where it slammed head on into the Piedmont church, which Desmond T. Doss once attended.

On Sabbath, April 30, over 70 members and friends gathered to worship God in a local funeral home. Watch the video of not only the destruction, but of the hope and faith the members have.

Video coming soon

The Piedmont church is just two miles from the Goshen Memorial where on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1994, a tornado hit the Goshen United Methodist Church killing 23 persons and injuring 90 others.

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