Religious Liberty

PANDEMIC RESPONSE – “God, in Bible times, directed the children of Israel…..with those in our midst who may be infected.”

In the spirit of Christ we are working to defend, preserve, and expand religious liberty. We do so by working to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Assist church members in resolving problems related to religious liberty issues, working directly with each one as needed or requested. We also work individually with church members in need of workplace accommodation (Sabbath work issues) and religious discrimination assistance.
  • Provide our conferences, pastors and local church congregations with information on current regional and national happenings in which the Adventist Church has an interest and which affects religious liberty issues.
  • Monitor state legislative actions, clarifying with state officials and legislators the Church’s position on the issues and working together to bring about solutions which uphold individual religious freedom.
  • Mobilize the clergy and laity to speak out on serious religious liberty issues, whether on local, statewide, or regional basis.
  • Provide speakers/seminars to local churches on timely religious liberty topics.
  • Publish Waymarks the religious liberty education and information newsletter.


The Religious Liberty Department organizes the following:

Government Liaison Representatives (GLR) – Religious leaders in each state who help monitor state legislative actions.

NARLA, Southern Chapter – the local chapter of the North American Religious Liberty Association. NARLA – SU is committed to making a difference for Religious Liberty.

Offering & Campaigns – With your help, the Religious Liberty Department sends Liberty Magazine to every elected official and thought leader in the Southern Union.

Southern Society of Adventist Attorneys (SSAA) – A network of Adventist attorneys who are interested in mentoring Adventist law students and providing legal services to those specifically requesting to represented by an Adventist attorney.

Accommodation Assistance – The department serves in circumstances that find people whose exercise of their faith dismissed and/or denied. Even if you believe your circumstances hold little hope for resolution, we may be able to offer assistance. We encourage you to contact our office directly. Remember that the earlier you seek help the better your chance of reaching a positive resolution. Avoid delay. Seek help early.
Telephone: 770-408-1800 ext: 176