Hispanic Ministries


The Hispanic Ministries department is dedicated to reaching the Spanish-speaking population in the Southern Union Conference region, and ministers to the church members as they prepare for Heaven. Hispanic Ministries works with constituent churches in searching for new methods, resources and skills to better reach Latinos. The department is also focused on a discipleship program, which motivates the church to become actively involved in winning souls for Christ.

Several services are offered by the Hispanic Ministries department, including:

  • Continuing Education: Offers a master’s degree program in Spanish for pastors
  • Festival of the Laity: Training events for Spanish-speaking lay people and pastors with the goal of helping them reach the community with the gospel. These events are held every second year
  • International Evangelistic Campaigns
  • Southern Tidings ( Spanish Section – January, March, July, October)
  • Seminars for pastors

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