General Information

Cell-phone Policy

Camp Kulaqua receives relatively good cell phone reception in most areas of the camp.  However, we highly discourage attendees to minimize their cell phone usage while at camp to enjoy nature, all activities and programming planned just for you.  Your conference/Club may have a cell phone policy, please follow that.  We do ask that cell phones be put on silence/vibrate when attending activities and programs. Please respect others around you when using your cell phone in camping and assembly areas.  There will be charging stations around Camp if you do need to charge a device.

Pet Policy

Pets will not be permitted at the Camporee, with the exception of service animals.  If you have a service animal, please contact your local conference director so that we can make a note in our records.


Thank you for your willingness to provide assistance for the Camporee.  Any persons wishing to volunteer for the Camporee must be registered members of a Southern Union Pathfinder Club, which is officially registered for the Camporee. Please contact your local conference Pathfinder Directors’ office about your willingness to serve as a volunteer.