Camping area
Conferences will receive their assigned area for local clubs.  Your club’s usage of the allotted space must include chuckwagons, pop-ups, camping trailers, tent sites, and any other items you need to use on your campsite.  There will be Camporee roads that will be designated for foot traffic and utility services.  Campsites will not be allowed to overlap in these areas.

Campfires will be allowed only on restricted bases which means they must be in a container up off the ground by at least four inches.  Usually, this can be accomplished with a ½ of a barrel up on bricks.  We have great concerns about a fire spreading throughout the camping area.  All fires must be attended to at all times. Any fires left unattended will be put out.  Each Pathfinder club is expected to have fire extinguishers and buckets of water in case of a fire emergency.

Camporee headquarters
The Camporee Headquarters will be located at the A-Frame by the front gates and will be open during the posted hours.  The Camp Kulaqua main office will be open 24 hours.  In case of an emergency during the Camporee, you may call the Camp Kulaqua main office at (386) 454-1351.

Camp store
The Camp Store will be open daily and has a variety of vegetarian food items.  Many of those items can be pre-purchased.  Please check the Camp Store doors for the latest store hours.  The Camp Store doors for the latest store hours.  The Camp Store will also sell ice.  You may pre-pay for ice tickets on Friday before 6:00 pm to pick up ice on Sabbath.  Plan ahead.

Feel free to contact your local Conference Pathfinder Director or the Union Conference Youth Ministries Office,, with any questions re: SU Camporee 2022.  Each Conference will be assigned two walkie-talkie radios to be able to communicate with the Camp office/Security/Medical for emergencies.

Concierge Services
There will be a person provided by the camp that will give directions, maps, and other information about off-cam site trips.  They will be available at the Camp Kulaqua Main Office during scheduling hours.  Some of these offerings include:

Santa De River Canoe Trips
Florida State Museum of Natural History
Ichetucknee Tubing
Ginnie Springs Diving
High Springs Shopping

First Aid
A first-aid center will be manned 24 hours.  Ambulance, fire, and police support are only minutes away in case of an emergency. Clubs should plan on providing basic first aid care for their Pathfinders. The Camp Kulaqua Main Office can provide a list of local urgent care facilities.

Individuals who require refrigeration of medication including but not limited to insulin and antibiotics should report to the First Aid Station upon arrival at the Camporee to sign over their medication to a Medical Team Member.  All medications requiring refrigeration should be marked with the original pharmacy label and clearly state the name of the individual to whom the medication is prescribed.  Enough medication should be sent to cover the duration of the individual’s time at the Camporee.

Please remember that it is the responsibility of the Pathfinder or staff member to arrive at the First Aid Station to take their medication at the appropriate time.  Medical staff will not be responsible for seeking out individuals to dispense medication.

There will be officially designated Camporee golf carts utilized by local Conferences and Southern Union staff.  The only golf carts that will be allowed into Camporee are those belonging to the Union, the Conferences, or Camp Kulaqua.  No outside or private golf rentals will be permitted.  All golf cart operators must have a valid state driver’s license and be able to present it upon request. The Southern Union will provide a golf cart for the transportation of disabled persons.

No scooters, mopeds, two-wheeled motorcycles, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, ATVs, skateboards, skates, bicycles, unicycles, or tricycles are allowed at Camporee.

Camp Kulaqua Map

Parking will be near the front entrance of the Camp, near the Lodges.  Vehicles will not be allowed to move throughout the Campgrounds.  Golf cart shuttles will be available to help transport food supplies to your camping area upon return from shopping.

Only official vehicles will be allowed to move about the Camporee area.  This is for the safety of everyone. Your support of the parking guidelines is greatly appreciated.

Safety procedures
The Security Director for the Camporee has several things Clubs should be aware of, click here for safety procedure document.

In addition, we recommend that each Club ask least one staff member to take a digital photo of each camper/Pathfinder.  In case of missing camper, this picture could prove very helpful.

Security personnel will wear a special colored vest and will be available to help us have a safe and happy Camporee.  The front gate will be manned by security 24 hours/day.  Each conference will have its own security at the conference’s camping area.   

The Southern Union Camporee security thanks you in advance for your cooperation.  When asked to do something, please do it.  There are here for our safety.  Thank you for treating them with kindness and respect.


There will be port-o-lets spread throughout the Camporee site and by the assembly area for campers to use.  The port-o-lets will be cleaned and sanitized daily.

Several shower facilities will be placed near campsites. We need your support in proper shower hygiene.


There will not be general access to Wi-Fi services available at the Camporee.  Please make arrangements with your child’s school as the internet will not be available for uploading assignments or homework.