Activity & Honors

Animal Feature Nature Forum
Camp Kulaqua Zoo Nature Center
Community Service Projects Pioneer Village
Drill and March Rich Aguilera | The Mud Guy
Flag Raising and Lowering Teen Zone
Go-carts Tower of Faith
Inflatables Water Park
Miss Brenda | Kids Time Adventist Youth Museum
Blacksmithing Wild Raptor Exhibit

More to come

Most honors will be available on a first come first serve basis with no prior reservations.  More information to come.


Baptisms will be held on Sabbath afternoon at the River Ranch Water Park. The Spiritual Baptism Form should be completed by the Club Director, Pathfinder’s Pastor, and submitted to the South Union Pathfinder Ministries Department no later than September 22nd. A parent’s signature is required for permission for a Pathfinder to be baptized.

Evening Program

Coming Soon

Featured Speakers

Andres Peralta | GC Pathfinder Youth Director
Armando Miranda | NAD Pathfinder Director
Vandeon Griffin | NAD Associate Youth Director

Special Events

There will be a grand display of fireworks at the end of the Saturday night program.  Fireworks will not be permitted in any other form at the camporee.

Flag Raising & Lowering
The United States, Pathfinder, and Christian flags are raised each morning and lowered each evening.  All Pathfinders will be required to raise or lower the flags. Four Pathfinder are needed for each flag.

The Conference Drill person is to accompany/escort the twelve Pathfinders to the flag poles thirty minutes before the time for raising or lowering the flag.

When choosing for the flag raising and lowering, we would encourage involving Pathfinders from different clubs in your conference or district.

Wednesday pm | Carolina Conference
Thursday am | Florida Conference
Thursday pm | Gulf States Conference
Friday am | Georgia-Cumberland Conference
Friday pm | Kentucky-Tennessee Conference
Sabbath am | South Atlantic Conference
Sabbath pm | South Central Conference

Drill and Drum Corps
There will be special drill team and drum corps demonstrations and competitions held each afternoon.  If you are interested in participating in either or both events, please contact your conference director.

The use of including playing or practicing drums will be limited to 8:00 am to 8:30 pm.  Excessive drum usage in the camping areas will not be permitted.