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Directions and signage play an obvious part in helping people find what they are looking for. When visitors come to your church, is it easy for them to find it and know they have arrived at the right place?

Highway Directional Signs – Help Others Locate Your Church
Monument Signs – Help Indentify Your Church

Hundreds of church identification signs witness 24 hours a day on streets and highways surrounding churches throughout Southern Union. These signs stand as lights, convicting the inquiring mind, bringing individuals into the Seventh-day Adventist Church each year because of signs that directed them to God’s remnant church.

The Southern Union Conference employs the only full-time sign engineer in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Southern Union Church Identification Services provides churches with a resource to help ensure a positive image not only for the local church, but also the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This is a very effective evangelistic endeavor.

In an effort to better service church highway directional signs in the Southern Union, we have created a Church Highway Directional Sign Questionnaire. December 1, 2014 a mass mailing of the questionnaire was mailed to all churches in the Southern Union.The objective of the questionnaire is to build a location database of all Highway Directional Signs. This database will allow the sign engineer to verify sign locations and provide maintenance as requested by churches or conferences.

The Sign Engineer offers several free services to help the local church:

1. He will, on request, give a presentation to your church board and explain the Church Sign Identification Services.
2. He will inspect all existing signs and make recommendations for new signs.
3. He will install all the directional signs you need, providing permission and locations have been secured.

Please Note: The Sign Engineer resumes no responsibility for signs removed from properties where no written permission from the property owner or permits was obtained prior to installation.

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How do I schedule an appointment for a sign consultation?
The sign engineer works by conference. Please call 770-408-1800 ext 130 to schedule an appointment.