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In its active promotion of growth, the Southern Union engages in a variety of training for pastors, church leaders, and the laity, including:
  • Church Growth Seminars
  • Elder's Certification Training
  • Lay Pastoral Assistant Training
  • Pastors’ Training
  • Revivals and Decision Meetings
  • Share Him Bootcamp Training for Lay Evangelists
  • Southern Adventist University (SAU) Field Schools
Date Event Location
January 25, 26 EC #2 Visitation EC &Lay Pastors SCC/GSC Birmingham
February 23 EC #2 Visitation GCC/SAC South GA
March 1,2   EC#4  Personal Evangelism SCC/GSC Oakwood
March 16 EC#4 Personal Evangelism GCC/SAC Atlanta
April 12,13 EC#1 Responsibilities & Leadership SCC/KTC Memphis
April 27 EC#2 Visitation GCC/SCC Chattanooga
June 15 EC#1 Responsibilities & Leadership SEC/FC
June 21,22 EC#4 Personal Evangelism CC/SAC Arden NC
June 29 EC#4 Personal Evangelism GSC/SCC Floral Crest Church AL
August 9-11 EC#1 Responsibilities & Leadership  GSC/SCC Alamisco
September 6,7 EC#3 Lay Preaching CC/SAC Columbia
October 5 EC#2 Visitation GSC/SCC Meriden MS
October 12 EC#2 Visitation SCC/GSC Jackson MS
October 18-20 EC#4 Personal Evangelism KTC/SCC Indian Creek
October 26 EC#1 Responsibilities & Leadership GCC/SAC Macon
November 9 EC#4 Personal Evangelism KTC/SCC Indian Creek
November 16 EC#3 Lay Preaching GSC/SCC Pensacola FL
December 14 EC#2 Visitation   CC/SAC Greenville NC
Date Event Location
February2 ShareHim Boot Camp GSC/SCC Gulfport MS
February 15-17 Share Him Boot Camp KTC/SCC Indian Creek
April 20 Lay Ministry (Korean) JGCC/SAC Atlanta
May 3-5 ShareHim Boot Camp GSC/SCC Alamisco
May 8-11 World Jewish Advisory Kiev Ukraine
May 8-June 15 SUSAU Field School Macon GCC/SAC
August 2-4 Share Him Boot Camp Macon GCC/SAC
August 16,17 Evangelism Summit KTC Lawrenceburg TN
August 23-24 Evangelism Summit KTC Ridgetop TN
November 1,2 Share Him Boot Camp Pioneer Work/Georgia-Cumberland
December 2-5 Southern Union Evangelism Council Daytona Beach, Florida
2013 CHURCH GROWTH Schedule
Date Event Location
January 6 Church Growth Sabbath Spring Hill FL
August 31 Church Growth Sabbath Mills River NC
September 14 Church Growth Sabbath Olive Branch MS
October 19 Church Growth Sabbath Brevard NC
November 23 Church Growth Sabbath St. Petersburg FL
December 7 Church Growth Sabbath Delray Beach FL
Date Event Location
January 12-20 Parables Decision/Revival Erwin Hills NC
March 3-9 Parables Decision/Revival Macon GA
March 30-April 6 Parables Decision/Revival Daphne AL
July 15-19 Parables Decision/Revival Alberta Camp Meeting
September 21-28 Parables Decision/Revival Hollywood, FL

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Ralph Ringer Photo Ralph Ringer, Director
Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 169
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