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In its active promotion of growth, the Southern Union engages in a variety of training for pastors, church leaders, and the laity, including:
  • Church Growth Seminars
  • Elder's Certification Training
  • Lay Pastoral Assistant Training
  • Pastors’ Training
  • Revivals and Decision Meetings
  • Share Him Bootcamp Training for Lay Evangelists
  • Southern Adventist University (SAU) Field Schools
Date Event Location
January 4 Church Growth Greenville NC
January 8-11 3ABN Pillars Plantation, FL
January 12-15 NAD Ministries Convention Monterrey CA
January 18 Church Growth Memphis TN
January 24, 25 Prophecy and SDA Church SCC Birmingham AL
January 31- Feb. 2 ShareHim Boot Camp KTC/SCC Indian Creek
February 7, 8 EC#4 Personal Evangelism SCC/GSC Mobile AL
February 15-22 Parables Greenville NC
March 1-22 Revelation’s Hope Memphis/Olive Branch
March 28-30 SU Ex.Com. & Grand Opening Norcross GA
April 2-5 Memphis area Revival SCC/KTC/GSC Memphis
April 11, 12 EC#2 Visitation SCC/KTC Memphis
April 26 Church Growth Fort Mill SC
May 3 Church Growth Rockingham NC
May 7-June 7 SUSAU Field School Greenville NC CC/SAC
June 13, 14 EC #3 Lay Preaching Kernersville NC CC/SAC
June 13, 14 EC#3 Lay Preaching Kernersville NC CC/SAC
June 20 EC#4 Personal Evangelism Columbia SC CC/SAC
June 28 EC#3 Lay Preaching Chattanooga TN GCC/SCC
July 1-31 Vacation
August 2 Church Growth Fayetteville NC
August 4-9 ASI/NAD Jewish Advisory Grand Rapids MI
August 15, 16 Evangelism Summit Memphis TN KTC/SCC
August 23-24 Evangelism Summit Paducah KY KTC/SCC
August 29-30 EC#1 Responsibilities & Leadership Oakwood SCC/GSC
September 5-27 Revelation's Hope Fayetteville NC
October 3-5 ShareHim Boot Camp Almisco GSC/SCC
October 10, 11 EC#3 Lay Preaching Jackson MS SCC/GSC
October 18 EC#2 Visitation GCC/SAC Macon
October 25 EC #3 Lay Preaching Charleston SC CC/SAC
November 7,8 ShareHim Boot Camp Calhoun GA GCC office
November 14-16 ShareHim Boot Camp Nasoca Pines CC/SAC
November 16-20 SU Dept. Meeting Daytona Beach FL
December 1-4 Southern Union Evangelism Council Daytona Beach, FL
December 6 EC #2 Visitation Fayetteville NC CC/SAC

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Ralph Ringer Photo Ralph Ringer, Director
Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 169
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