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Church Growth/Evangelism Training
Evangelism plays a key role in the growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Christ’s Great Commission instructs us to share with others the love of Jesus and hope of a life without sin. To make evangelism as effective as possible, the Southern Union Conference Church Growth Department helps churches grow by supporting the local conferences, ministries, and work of the pastors and local church leaders.

Upcoming Events:

January 3                Church Growth Myrtle Beach NC
January 7-10           3ABN Pillars Phoenix AZ
January 16-18         ShareHim Boot Camp Huntsville AL
January 24              Church Growth Florence AL
February 7              EC#1 Atlanta GA SAC
February 14-21       Parables New Bern NC
February 27, 28      EC#1 Nashville TN SCC/KYC
March 7-14             Parables Myrtle Beach NC
March 20, 21          EC#2 Ft. Lauderdale FL SEC/FLC
March 27-29           EC#1 Nosoca Pines SC CC/SAC
April 4-11               Parables Auburn/Opelika AL
April 17, 18            EC#3 Lay Preaching SCC/KTC/GSC Memphis
April 22-24             Jewish Meeting NY, NY
May 1, 2                 EC#2 Visitation Montgomery AL GSC/SCC
May 8, 9                 EC #4 Personal Evangelism Kernersville NC CC/SAC
May15-June13       SUSAU Field School Myrtle Beach NC CC/SAC
June 28-July 1        NAD Ministral Austin TX
July 2-11                General Conference San Antonio TX
July 14-Aug.9        Vacation
August 11-15         ASI/NAD Jewish Advisory Spokane WA
August 21-22         Evangelism Summit Memphis TN KTC/SCC
August 28-29         Evangelism Summit KY KTC/SCC
September 5-12      Parables Decherd TN
Sept. 19-Oct 10      Revelation’s Hope Sarasota FL
October 16-17        ShareHim Boot Camp Calhoun GA GCC office
October 24             EC#1 Elder Duties Knoxville TN GCC/SCC
October 30-31        EC #2 Visitation Hattiesburg MS SCC/GSC
November 6-7        EC #2 Visitation Fayetteville NC CC/SAC
November 13-14    EC #1 Elder Duties KTC/SCC Indian Creek
November 16-19    SU Dept. Meeting Destin FL
November 20-21    EC # Louisville KY SCC/KTC
Nov. 30-Dec.3       Southern Union Evangelism Council Daytona Beach, Florida
December 6-9        PELC Huntsville AL
December 12-19    Parables Murfreesboro TN