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Revolving Fund
Effective February 1, 2012: Demand Notes: 1.25%, Loans: 3.25%

If you have made a large purchase, such as a house, car, or other big-ticket item, you may have needed a loan from your local bank or mortgage agency to help pay for the item. Likewise, when new Adventist churches are built or purchased, or new Adventist schools are acquired or expanded, extra money is often required. This is when the Southern Union Revolving Fund, or SURF, provides assistance.

The purpose of SURF is to provide low-cost loans to churches and other institutions across the Southern Union Conference while providing a reasonable rate of return to investors. Any member of the Southern Union is able to open a SURF account through their local conference representative. This opportunity allows members of the Southern Union to not only receive a reasonable rate of return, but also to invest in the mission of the educational institutions and eight conferences across the Southern Union.

SURF is considered a 90-day demand note. This means withdrawals from the fund could take up to ninety days to be fulfilled. However, most requests for withdrawal are handled within the same week the request is made. SURF funds must be loaned out to churches and institutions or re-invested to achieve a rate of return equal or greater than the interest rate paid to investors in order to be viable. For large withdrawals it may require selling some investments and SURF needs a reasonable time frame to accomplish the sell equitably.

For more information about the Southern Union Revolving Fund please contact the Southern Union or speak to your local conference.

Additional Information:
Demand Note Application
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Carlos Salazar, Director Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 121
Peter DeVries, Loan Specialist Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 123
Mariel Lombardi, Accountant/Customer Service Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 122
Michelle James, Admin Assistant Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 120
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