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2018 Pastors Conference
The Pastors Conference formerly known as the Ministerium happens every five years and is sponsored by the Southern Union Conference Ministerial Department.

The Pastors Conference is for Southern Union pastors and their families. This conference is planned with not only the pastors in mind, but their spouses and children as well.

God has given men and women the mental capacity to think and create. Thus, we have cell phones, the Internet, and when we feel we may be lost and wandering, we have our Global Positioning System, referred to as GPS. Our GPS allows us to map our location, assists us with navigation, locates nearby services and shops, and determines the optimal routes to take to avoid traffic congestion.
The same should be our attitude regarding our GOSPEL POSITIONING SYSTEM. Do you allow it to assist you as a lamp to light your way (Psalm 119:105)? Do you allow it to direct and navigate you to help you avoid confusion and congestion in your life, your family’s lives, and the lives of those you serve?
Yes, we need the Gospel in our lives. Without it, it would be like building a house without a foundation. Under this pretext, we have chosen "The Gospel Changes Everything" as our conference theme.

During this four day conference, it is our hope and prayer that you will:
  • Participate in seminars that will enhance your ministry
  • Reduce your stress as you enjoy time with your family in a relaxed environment
  • Fellowship with colleagues from around the Southern Union
  • Allow your soul to be re-energized through the powerful keynote presentations
Plan now to attend, January 7-10, 2018.