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In today’s society, more attention is being focused on companies’ financial responsibility. In the Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, this responsibility is handled by the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department is committed to ensuring God’s money is being used responsibly to support the mission and goals of the Southern Union and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

To help accomplish this, accurate data and statistics are kept to measure the financial strength and growth of the Southern Union. Some of these statistics are available on this website.

The Southern Union Treasury Department also serves as a resource to local conferences in handling significant financial issues. Also, members of the Southern Union Treasury Department are liaisons between the North American Division and conferences in the Southern Union in matters relating to policy, procedures, and processes.

The Treasury Department also manages the personnel and human resources duties for the Southern Union.

More Information:
Human Resources
The Treasurer
The Undertreasurer

Seperator Line
Randy Robinson, Treasurer Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 113
Dennis Millburn, Undertreasurer Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 115
Accounts Payable Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 114
Cindy Bray, Accounts Receivable Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 117
Diana Gunter, Assistant & Human Resources Phone: (770) 408-1800 ext. 134
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