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Stewardship Seminar
February 9, 2016
Southern Union Conference Office
Lifetime Stewardship Emphasis for Pastors and Stewardship Leaders

Pastor Erika Puni, Director of Stewardship Ministries for the General Conference from July 2005 until October 2015 is a certified stewardship educator (CCNL) with the Christian Leadership Alliance.  To date, Dr Puni has served the Adventist Church for thirty-five years in various leadership and ministry responsibilities (pastoral ministry, youth ministry, administration, public evangelism, college professor, and departmental work) in Samoa, New Zealand, Australia and now in the United States.  Puni is a graduate of Loma Linda University (MA Religion) and Fuller Theological Seminary (MA Missiology and PhD). In his work with stewardship education, Dr Puni is passionate in helping people to experience Jesus at the deepest level, and committed to the empowerment of church members to become faithful stewards of God's kingdom. 

"Yes, You Can!" (Seminar #1)
This seminar provides a wholistic Biblical framework that is centered on Jesus for promoting and teaching Christian stewardship in the local church. As an attendee and participant, you will receive information, tools, and resources that will enable you to develop a stewardship strategy for your church that is sustainable. In addition to the above benefits for the corporate Church, you will leave this seminar challenged and encouraged to be part of this God-ordained process of stewardship and value transformation.

"Quantity versus Quality" (Seminar #2)
This seminar presents a fresh and life-changing understanding of financial stewardship (tithe and offerings) that will grow stewards and increase giving in the local congregation. As an attendee and participant, you will be introduced to powerful Biblical references and statements by Ellen White that will enhance your ability as a leader and religious educator to teach stewardship in your home and church. You will also receive new insights and stewardship perspectives including real life stories that will inspire your church towards a life of faithfulness and gratitude.