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Evading Ebola
Public Health Physician Brings
New Hope to Ebola Dialogue

Atlanta, Georgia - Evading Ebola, a newly released book by David DeRose, MD,MPH is already providing new hope in the face of rampant Ebola fears. DeRose shares encouraging research that has heretofore been absent from our national dialogue; namely, the good news about “inapparent infections.” In short, DeRose provides evidence that thousands of West Africans have been infected with the Ebola virus—but never became ill.

This all points to some very good news: It is likely we too can be exposed to Ebola and remain symptom free. In Evading Ebola, Dr. DeRose maps out simple strategies to boost your immune system—as well as other methods to keep out of Ebola’s grasp. His recommendations are not only calculated to decrease your risk of Ebola, but to lessen your chances of developing a host of other infectious and non-infectious conditions. In his short, practical book DeRose walks his readers through a number of topics including the following:
• simple, overlooked hygiene practices that can spell the difference between sickness and health
• how our food and beverage choices impact our immune systems
• the role of exercise—including surprising evidence about the value of excessive exercise
• the importance of sleep for immune system health

A Kindle version of the book is now available at the reduced, introductory price of $2.99. Order it here. Audiobook versions (on Audible) and soft cover editions are slated for release shortly.

More about Dr. David DeRose…
Heard on over 140 radio stations, syndicated radio show host and practicing physician, David DeRose, MD, MPH has been helping people address disease processes with natural therapies for three decades. DeRose brings solid credentials as a board-certified specialist in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine in addition to holding a Masters in Public Health degree with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Health Education. DeRose’s research has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Annals of Epidemiology, and Preventive Medicine.

Known for his engaging and practical presentations, Dr. DeRose always keeps things engaging and practical with skills honed as an award-winning writer and speaker, published medical researcher, syndicated talk radio host, and college teacher.

For More Information or to Book Dr. DeRose…
Contact Sonja at 580-504-7043 or email drderose@compasshealth.net