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New Creation Health Text Book!

Live Healthy Be Happy

Creation Health Guide for Students

Fantastic News!

The first Seventh-day Adventist faith based health textbook has been finished by CREATION Health. It has been voted as a Level 1 textbook by the NAD Curriculum Committee. That means it is the only health textbook that will be listed on the NAD approved textbook list for teaching health. Teachers and students alike will enjoy this new textbook. It is rich in spiritual values and written with Adventist youth in mind. It will be available in print for $39.99 and as an iBook for iPad which is currently available at the iTunes Store for $14.99. The printed copy is a soft back book of high quality but should be considered a consumable textbook, meaning that students will need to buy their own copy each year. It is recommended that the teacher have the iBook version even if students aren't using iPads. The iBook will allow teachers to show embedded video clips, take students to active links and provide other enhancements for learning. Finally, a website is also being developed with additional resources to supplement the textbook.

For information on how to order click here.




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  • 16-17-> SU-LIR Sub-committee Meeting, Norcross, GA
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  • 23-> NAD Commission on Accreditation, Columbia, MD


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