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Healthy EDGE!

T stands for Temperance.

Eating good food and playing games can be fun but if that is all you do all the time, you can hurt your body.  “In order to preserve health, temperance in all things is necessary,--temperance in labor, temperance in eating and drinking.  Our heavenly Farther sent the light of healthy reform to guard against the evils resulting from a debased appetite, that those who love purity and holiness may know how to use with discretion the good things He has proved for them and that by exercising temperance in daily life, they may be sanctified through the truth.”  Counsels on Diet and Foods pg. 23, Ellen G. White

Temperance also means staying away from things that will hurt the body such as drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and junk foods to name a few.


junkfood2 icecream3
junkfood2 icecream3

We will discuss temperance in depth in our next episode of the Healthy EDGE, so stay tune




  • 2-5-> SAU Alumni Homecoming Weekend
  • 12-15-> SU Administrative & Departmental Council, Innisbrook Resort, Palm Harbor, FL
  • 23-> Thanksgiving Day
  • 23-24-> Thanksgiving Recess
  • 29-30-> NAD K12 Curriculum/ACDE & UDOEC, Pensacola, FL


  • 1-5-> NAD K12 Curriculum/ACDE & UDOEC, Pensacola, FL (cont'd)
  • 19-> SU BOE, Norcross, GA
  • 19-> First Semester Ends
  • 25-> Christmas Day
  • 20-31-> Christmas/New Year Holiday Break