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Healthy EDGE!

E stands for Exercise.

Exercise is vital to the well-being of our entire body.  “Exercise is important to digestion, and to a healthy condition of the body and mind.  You need physical exercise.”  Exercise aids the dyspeptic (indigestion, irritability, or depression) by giving the digestive organs a healthy tone. A short walk after a meal , with the head erect and the shoulders back, exercising moderately, is a great benefit.  The mind is diverted from self to the beauties of nature.”  Counsels on Diet and Foods pg. 103 and 104, Ellen G. White.

There are many fun ways to get exercise.

Playing on the merry-go-round may seem like just child's play, but it involves using many muscles in our arms and legs and is a great way to get exercise and have fun.
Playing sports for fun during gym is another great way of getting exercise. It also involves using many of the muscles in our arms and legs for running, jumping, sliding etc.  An added bonus with sports is that many of our muscles work as a team to help us exercise and have motion.  It also teachers us how to work together as a team with our fellow team members.
Riding your bike is another fun way of getting exercise.  You and your family can make it a family outing by riding all together in the evening. 
These are just a few examples of how to get exercise while having fun but there are so many other ways like playing tennis, swimming, skating or jumping to name just a few.  So go out and find a fun way for you to exercise.

We will discuss exercise in depth in our next episode of the Healthy EDGE, so stay tune.




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  • 4-7-> TDEC, Austin, TX
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  • 5-7-> Annual SU Administrative Assistants' In-service, SU/Norcross, GA
  • 6-> OU Prospective Teacher Interviews, Huntsville, AL
  • 12-14-> UDOEC, Norcross, GA
  • 14-16-> NAD Assessment Committee, Norcross, GA
  • 14-> Valentine's Day
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  • 19-> President's Day (school holiday)
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