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About Learning

A complete suite for determining diverse approaches to learning.

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This new online suite of applications allows you to view every aspect of your and your students' approaches to learning.
  • The Learning Type Measure: A learning style assessment for college and adult learners learners.
  • The Student Learning Preferences Survey: A learning style assessment for late middle school and high school students.
  • The Hemispheric Mode Indicator: A measure of right and left-mode preferences,
  • The Leadership Behavior Inventory, for determining leadership style.
  • The Teaching Style Inventory, for determining teaching style and the relationship to learning styles of students in your classrooms.

Take the Assessments Online
  • A series of easy-to-answer questions culminates in an instant profile of your style.
  • View a Dynamic Profile of your Learning Preferences
  • View your preferences in terms of how you perceive and process new information and experience. This results in your personal learning style, your unique approach to learning.
  • Manage Groups of Profile Takers
  • See the learning picture of the groups you teach, for teacher classrooms, professor classes or facilitator groups.
  • Create a Picture of Group Learning Preference
  • The profile tool allows you to see learning preferences among teams of people. Use the dynamic legend to add or remove people from the graph.
  • The 4MAT Online Assessments offer a comprehensive look at your and your student's individualized approaches to learning.
Click here to try it now for only $11.50.





  • 4-> Independence Day
  • 16-17-> SU-LIR Sub-committee Meeting, Norcross, GA
  • 23-25-> Secondary Encounter Bible Curriculum - Teacher Training, Norcross, GA
  • 23-> NAD Commission on Accreditation, Columbia, MD


  • 6-9-> NAD Teachers' Convention, Chicago, IL
  • 13-> First Day of School
  • 21-22-> SU ECE Advisory/VIDYO