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K-2 Multi-grade BRIDGE

K-2 BRIDGE is an option for K-1 or K-2 multi-grade teachers trying to teach Pathways 1-2 AND the new Kindergarten Stepping Stones.  Both can be accomplished by teaching ONE core book using ONE Daily Lesson Guide. All targeted skills for K-2 are included in ONE document!  Additionally, a character-building concept and celebration of learning has been added to each unit.                               
Theme 0 - Off We Go! Theme 1 - Let's Be Friends
          One Smile

Theme 3 - Deep In The Forest       Theme 6 - Brrrr! Its Cold




  • 12-30-> NAD Summer Curriculum Committee San Diego, CA
  • 11-> Father's Day


  • 4-> Independence Day
  • 24-26-> Encounter Bible Curriculum Teacher Training (9-12), SU/Norcross, GA
  • 31-> Commission on Accreditation, Silver Spring, MD