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Southern Union Multi-grade Literacy Units Grades 1-4

This literacy unit has been created by teachers to answer the question: How can we possibly fit everything in? How can we teach Pathways, Fundations, Writer’s Workshop and Guided Reading? How can we ensure that our students in multi-grade classrooms are still getting the basics—handwriting, spelling, and grammar? How can we do all this and assess our students with the Writing Process Portfolio and DIBELS and design appropriate interventions for struggling readers and writers? Is it really possible?


This manual is our collective attempt at meeting the challenge. The Multi-Grade Literacy Unit is a tool to help lower-grades teachers in two-teacher schools pull in all components of a balanced literacy program as recommended by the Southern Union.

0. Cover      
00. Spine   7a. Contents
1. Table of Contents   7b. Intro Page
2. Title Page   7c. Organization and Management
3a. Overview   7d. Rotation Wheel - New Square
3b. Proposed Schedule   7e. Rotation Wheels Day 1 & 2
3c. List of Books Needed   7f. Guided Reading First Weeks of School
3d. Weekly Outline Schedule   7g. Book Boxes and Background Groups
4a. Orientation to Pathways Thematic Units   7h. Center Explanation
4b. Pathways Thematic Units   7i. Word Study
4c. Number Notes   7j. Rotations Activites
4d. Vocabulary Map   7k. Evaluation of Centers
5a. Orientation to Fundations Multi-grade   8a. DIBLES Cover
5b. Fundations Explanation of Process   8b. DIBLES Intervention
5c. Fundation Intervention Placement Inventory   9. Writer's Workshop Lessons
5d. Fundations Multi-grade Weekly Planner Template   10. Abe Lincoln's Hat DLG
5e. Fundations Week One     Abe Lincoln's Hat Cover
5f. Week 2     Blackline Master 2
5g. Week 3     Blackline Master 3
5h. Week 4     Blackline Master 4
5i. Week 5     Blackline Master 5
5j Week 6     Blackline Master 6
5k. Week 7     Blackline Master 7
5l. Week 8     Blackline Master 8
5m. Week 9     Blackline Master 9
6a. Handwriting     Blackline Master 10
6b. Spelling for Grades 3 & 4     Blackline Master 11
6c. Spelling Lists for Grades 3     Blackline Master 12
        Blackline Master 13
        Blackline Master 14






  • 4-> Independence Day
  • 16-17-> SU-LIR Sub-committee Meeting, Norcross, GA
  • 23-25-> Secondary Encounter Bible Curriculum - Teacher Training, Norcross, GA
  • 23-> NAD Commission on Accreditation, Columbia, MD


  • 6-9-> NAD Teachers' Convention, Chicago, IL
  • 13-> First Day of School
  • 21-22-> SU ECE Advisory/VIDYO