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Our teachers need to be constant learners.” (Testimonies 6, page154) Education must respond to the changing needs of students and their teachers, just as business has reacted to its changing needs by implementing employee training. For example, Saturn automobile company employees spend 5 percent (92 hours a year) of their work time learning.

Professional Development is an essential, on-going process that creates a collaborative school environment fostering student achievement. Professional development for the teachers in the Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is a critical issue. Educational reform requires teachers to learn new roles and new ways of teaching.

The staff development segment of the office of education offers on-going training opportunities for teachers, administrators and non-instructional staff to continually update their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Student learning is directly related to teacher learning. The focus of the staff development workshops has been: differentiation, content area expertise, and technology and its integration into the classroom. As needs arise, other areas of focus will be added. A fundamental lesson learned in the past decade of school reform efforts is that far more time is required for professional development and cooperative work than is now available. In fact, time has emerged as the key issue in every analysis of school change appearing in the last decade (Fullan & Miles, 1992). Teachers likely will require more than 20 percent of their work time for learning and collaboration if they are to be successful in implementing ambitious reform initiatives. The National Education Association (1994) recommends that 50 percent of teachers’ time be given to professional development. Although providing even 20 percent of teachers’ work time for these activities may seem like an unachievable goal in our system, we need to strive toward that goal by “thinking outside the box” to revamp the working conditions of teachers so they will have the support required to plan and implement ambitious reform.

 The professional strengths and accomplishments of the school faculty at large must work to complement the learning needs of all students. Professional development activities must also balance both the needs of the educator and the goals and objectives of the school. Conducting Study Groups is one way of helping our educators work learn together, plan together, test ideas together and reflect together.

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The resources and links provided on this page are intended to support the role of teacher and shared decision-makers in the education process.


American Memory offers a variety of professional development programs and resources, educators.

PBS Teacher Source provides professional development courses in math, reading and technology.

Smithsonian Education quality resources for educators. 

Learning Disabilities Support is the leading website on learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals.

TeachingLD is a service of the Division for learning Disabilities (DLD)of the Council for Exceptional Children. Division for Learning Disabilities is the largest international professional organization focused on learning disabilities. The purpose of Teaching LD is to provide trustworthy and up-to-date resources about teaching students with learning disabilities.

Resources for Staff Development

Educational PowerPoint Presentation Slide
 4MAT Learning Task Checklist
About Learning is a site that features the 4MAT System. 4MAT provides an understanding of the core elements of learning, and provides guidance in how to use these elements to improve learning effectiveness. 4MATION is a powerful web-based curriculum and instruction technology. It is a tool for collaborative planning of lessons and curriculum, featuring a powerful standards alignment capability. The Brain Store is an educational publisher that specializes in books and materials about brain-compatible learning and teaching. International Alliance for Invitational Education is a site that promotes the concepts of Invitational Education.

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