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Kathy Hernandez
Ministerial & Evangelism Coordinator
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Pershawn Mattison
Administrative Assistant
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Upcoming Lead Conference:

LEAD is composed of 4 core values:

Leadership-the objective is more than just training people, its developing leaders. It asks: where you are going? The emphasis is on aligning ourselves with God’s vision in these last days.

Evangelism-God cares about people that are far from Him. Do we? How much? We ask ourselves: how do we effectively reach people? The emphasis is on connecting service and evangelism.

Accountability-Christianity was never meant to be practiced alone. Building appropriate systems of accountability, helps us grow, keeps us away from sin, and challenges us to be real. It asks: who are you, really? The emphasis is on developing some specific habits and relationships that can make a difference in a person’s growth.

Diversity-The emphasis is on not just racial, but generational diversity. It’s on saving the next generation. We ask: how can we engage, motivate and reclaim youth and young adults to lead our church now.