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License Plate

"Is this your car?" a woman called out after we pulled into the driveway next to hers. "Yes," my husband replied, while fearing he had run over her lawn or something even worse.

Pointing to our license plate frame engraved with "THE SEVENTH DAY... Is Still God’s Sabbath," she exclaimed, "I believe that is true!" As a long time Bible worker, I knew God was opening a door.

In the conversation that followed, Van, my husband, and I told her about the Brooksville, Florida, church near her home. She had never visited an Adventist church before, so we invited her to join us the next day for Sabbath worship services. She promised to come.

True to her word, Pam Walker was at church that Sabbath morning and, then, joined us afterward for the fellowship luncheon. I asked if she would like to study the Bible with me, and we made plans to meet a few days later.

Studying with Pam was simply fantastic. "I just want to know the truth," she constantly told me. We both hated to stop after the allotted hour, so we agreed to share a little "overtime."

As we studied, I thought about an evangelistic series in 1987 when I worked in the Chesapeake Conference and served as a Bible worker for evangelist Pieter Barkhuizen. During these meetings, Dr. Barkhuizen gave a set of sermon tapes to me that I felt impressed to share with Pam. The cassettes were eagerly taken home; however, the following week she informed me they would no longer play due to their age. "So much for that idea," I thought, not realizing God had a plan.

The next day, Van and I stopped by the church to check the mail for personal ministries materials, and, lo and behold, there was a letter from Good Hope Institute. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the envelope from Dr. Barkhuizen. I hadn’t seen nor heard from him in nearly 20 years. Considering what had just happened with Pam and the audio tapes, I knew a miracle was in the works.

Arriving home, I went to my computer and e-mailed Dr. Barkhuizen to thank him for sending his latest book,

Pam loved the tapes so much that she called the Barkhuizens to order a set of her own. As she spoke to Yvonne, Dr. Barkhuizen’s wife, a voice was overheard in the background, "Tell Pam I will come to Florida to baptize her when she’s ready." Pam was so excited she called me to share the news that Dr. Barkhuizen offered to drive down from Tennessee when a date was set for her baptism.

What a reunion we had the weekend of October 28, 2006, when the Barkhuizens pulled into our driveway. There was a lot of catching up as we shared what God had done in our lives since we last worked

Amazing Facts guides from Doug Batchelor, along with my own personal Bible study, have convinced me of this truth," she revealed. It was difficult for me to contain my excitement that Friday afternoon; yet, I knew I must allow the Lord to control the moment.The Fourth Dilemma, to our church. I also asked if he remembered working together during the 1987 meetings. He replied at once. As a result of our visit, 1,000 copies of his wonderful book arrived for distribution by members of the Brooksville congregation and those of our sister church in Spring Hill. Enclosed with the books was a video set of his entire evangelistic series.
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