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Educators are never done going to school, not just to teach children, but also to teach themselves. In order for educators to provide the best possible education to students, educators need to be continually updated with effective teaching methods, new information, and how to integrate technology in the classroom. Education needs to meet the changing needs of teachers and their classrooms, just as businesses are providing employee training to meet their changing needs.

Staff Development personnel in the Office of Education in the Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists provide on-going training opportunities for those involved in denominational schools. Student learning is directly related to teacher learning. For this reason, staff development programs focus on areas including integrating technology in the classroom, differentiation, and content area expertise.

It is estimated that if teachers are going to be successful in implementing new initiatives, it will require over 20 percent of their work time be dedicated for learning and collaboration. In 1994 the National Education Association recommended that professional development occupy 50 percent of teachers time. While providing 20 percent of teacher’s time may seem unachievable in the Adventist school system, we need to reach for this goal by “thinking outside the box”. It is important for teachers to have the support and working conditions suitable for implementing ambitious reform.

While the Adventist EDGE program is open to children of any denomination, it is important that Southern Union constituents be guaranteed the best quality education in a caring environment which educates the whole person. Philanthropy towards the Adventist EDGE program will help fund innovation in Adventist Education. Adventist Education is not just a luxury, it is an essential, a responsibility the Seventh-day Adventist church owes its children.

For more information, please visit the Adventist EDGE

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