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Positive/Negative Terminology
Negative Positive
Handicapped A person with a disability
Confined or wheelchair bound Uses a wheelchair
Afflicted with/Suffering from Has... (arthritis)
Deaf and dumb Deaf or hearing impaired and does not speak
Mute A person without speech
Disease Name the specific disease. Ie: Lupus
(Stroke) victim A person who had a stroke
Epileptic/Arthritic A person who has epilepsy, arthritis
Feebleminded/Retarded A person with a developmental disability
Normal A non-disabled person
Crippled/Deformed/Lame A person with a physical disability
Sightless Blind or visually impaired
Crazy/Insane A person with a mental or emotional disability
Birth Defect A person with a mental or emotional disability
Shut-in At home member

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