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Thursday, August 13 Update
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Submitted Friday, August 14, 7:30 AM
Wow!! This being my first trip to an international camporee was just amazing at Oshkosh. I met friends from all over the world and even traded pins with a few other peers. Even though I’m walking some distances to get places, it’s absolutely worth it.

For an example of how a regular day goes for me, I will tell you about the day I did flag raising.

Wake up for me was around 1:30 AM – 2:000 AM to beat the crowd for showers (the lines take forever). After that, I get at least another 2 hours or so of sleep before getting my group together around 5:30 AM. Today though, I had to be at the flag raising area by 6:00 AM. To make a long story short, the sharpest pathfinders out of each club goes to raise the huge flag which requires 12 pathfinders to unfold and hold the flag. I got a little scared when the cannon had fired to start flag raising.

When the excitement was done, I had to run to my campsite to change out of uniform into my district shirt. Yes, this takes a lot of energy.

I didn’t do any on-site activities today because our club went to an off-site water park.

After that, I watched the parade. Again, I had to run to the campsite along with other teen leaders from my club to get ready for the night program. At the evening program, we are volunteering 15 hours during the course of the camporee to collect Bibles. We are collecting Bibles for the kids in Africa.

Then comes the night program, it’s so Amazing!!! The program lasts for about 2-3 hours.

When that’s all done its time to head back to the camp site and socialize.

Oshkosh is great! I don’t think you would want to miss out in the next camporee in 5 years.

Lashawn Barnetl, Charlotte, Georgia Northeast Stingers
South Atlantic Conference

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