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Wednesday's Update
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Submitted Thursday, August 13, 1:15 PM
After standing in the line at the bathhouse for an hour and a half, only to take a cold three minute shower, it was amazing to finally relax and enjoy our first full day of activities.

Looking at the list, my friends and I decided that we would try to go to the water park. After reaching the shuttle bus area, we were told that we would be unable to go because the lines at the park were miles long full of Pathfinders. Already decked out in our swimsuits, we were determined and headed to the YMCA. Crowds of people gathered around the huge water slide anxious to each take their turn. After waiting in the line for twenty minutes, it was finally my turn to go down the slide. It was the perfect replacement for the water park.

Arriving back at camp, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise – balloon animals. Our pastor, Jose Nieves, brought out a huge bag of balloons and a pump and showed us how to make everything from a balloon ball to a balloon snake. Unable to actually make a simple balloon animal, I enjoyed a brisk walk around our camp.

For dinner, I tasted my first Sloppy Joe which was surprisingly tangy and delicious. After washing dishes with my cleaning crew, our club headed to the evening program and were able to secure a close seat to the front. Seating so close to the stage enhanced the program.

My favorite part of the evening program was the pantomime act. It showed me that there are more ways to praise and glorify God than just listening to a sermon or singing.

Lauren Corcino, Athens, Georgia
Georgia-Cumberland Conference

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