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Literature EvangeLism: Peace-Time Preparation for the Coming Crisis

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come,” Matthew 24:14.

Expanding Your Definition
When you hear the words literature evangelism, do you picture a dedicated full-time missionary going door-to-door selling The Bible Story, family Bibles, medical encyclopedias, and large message books? In the Southern Union and other parts of the world, this effective model continues to work well; however, we challenge you to expand your vision. Far from being a new concept, Total Member Involvement (TMI), more frequently heard than ever before, embraces literature evangelism. >Read More! (Page 4)

God Leads at “7up” Retreat

Relentless. This was the theme for the Kentucky-Tennessee Pathfinders’ annual “7up” retreat. Pathfinders in the seventh grade or up, hence 7up, went to Indian Creek Camp for an incredible weekend packed full of faith, fellowship, and fun.

The weekend started on Friday night with icebreaker games where the Pathfinders could get to know those outside their local clubs. Following the games was the worship program, which was led by Kentucky-Tennessee’s new youth director and his wife, Greg and Kimberly Taylor. Throughout the weekend’s worships, the Pathfinders learned about God’s relentless love for them, and how to have a deeper relationship with Him. >Read More! (Page 23)

Chatmon Family Starts “Dad’s Got Dementia” Ministry

In 2010, William Chatmon, longtime first elder of Berean Church in Atlanta, Ga., was diagnosed with vascular dementia. This disease progressed from bouts of forgetfulness and confusion to physical and cognitive impairment. With the support of a loving wife and devoted children, Chatmon began the difficult journey that dementia brings.

Over the course of the years, his family had to accept and learn how to deal with the disease. Not only did it affect Chatmon in significant ways, it also affected every member of his family. Taking care of him became the number one priority. >Read More! (Page 25)

Nursing Students Get Creative in Helping Community

Nursing is a hands-on profession often associated with needles, stethoscopes, and bandages. However, in addition to traditional training, nursing students at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tenn., are finding unique and tangible ways to improve the health of their community. Through a newly restructured approach to community health training, bachelor’s degree students take a required series of classes that start in the classroom and end up in the community, putting theory into practice. Groups of two to four students partner with local organizations, identify a need, and get to work. The goal is to create and implement a fully-functioning resource that the organization can continue using after the students are gone.

“We want students to get out there, representing not only Southern but also Christ to our neighbors,” said Beckie Retzer, assistant professor in the School of Nursing. “We hope these class projects will have a lasting impact both on them and community members.” >Read More! (Page 29)

Ex-alumnos de Southern Estrenan Docudrama Sobre Famoso Activista Cristiano

Un grupo de ex-alumnos de la Escuela de Artes Visuales y Diseño de la universidad Southern asumieron papeles clave en la reciente película, Ven antes del Invierno, basada en la vida de Dietrich Bonhoeffer. La misma fue una producción de Gary Blount, bajo la dirección de Kevin Ekvall, graduado en 2007, y se estrenó en la Universidad de Loma Linda, California, el 21 de enero.

Esta obra es una combinación de los géneros documental y entretenimiento. A través del lente de la directora de fotografía Tanya Musgrave, graduada en 2011, este docudrama destaca los últimos días de Bonhoeffer desde la perspectiva de un equipo de la estación de radio de inteligencia británica Propaganda Negra. Otras de las personas artes de este equipo fueron Melody George, graduada en 2006, y la subdirectora Theo Brown, graduada en 2010. >Lea Más! (Página 38)