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What DREAMS means
The vision and mission statements of the Southern Union Department of Women’s Ministries are realized through teaching and nurturing activities that grow and develop disciples. Emphasis is placed on knowing Jesus Christ on a personal level and helping others to know, love and serve Him.

1) Friendship evangelism is emphasized in the Southern Union.
2) Conference and church Women’s Ministries leaders are taught to implement Heart Call, a reclamation program by the North American Division.

1) Conducted evangelistic training for evangelistic teams in each conference at Cohutta Springs.
2) Women are conducting public evangelistic meetings with phenomenal success.
3) Women are engaged in friendship evangelism.

1) Special Women’s Ministries activities have been featured in several issues of the Southern Tidings.
2) Each of the eight conferences sponsors from one to four conference-wide or area- wide retreats each year.
3) Each year women authors from the Southern Union write for the General Conference Women’s Devotional Book.

Mentoring Programs
1) Models of mentoring programs have been provided conference directors.
2) First campus women’s retreat for dorm students held at Southern Adventist University in cooperation with the Dorm Girls Club.
3) Supported the concept of establishing a women’s center on the campus of Oakwood University.
4) Supported the Oakwood College Collegiate Women’s Weekend
5) Conferences sponsor young women’s retreats annually.

Servant Leadership
1) Conference directors completed General Conference Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification Levels 1 and 2. Most directors have completed Level 3.
2) Local church Women’s Ministries leaders completed General Conference Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification Levels1 and 2. Some have completed Level 3.
3) Conference directors provided opportunities to attend a national leadership training event.
4) Between 80 and 85% of churches in the Southern Union have elected Women’s Ministries leaders