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Whether or not healthy living comes easy to you, science has shown that a healthier lifestyle can ward off many common illnesses. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has long supported a healthy lifestyle, and in recognition of the Bible passage* that identifies our body as the temple of Holy Spirit, the Health Ministries Department in the Southern Union Conference believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help a person reach their full potential in all aspects of life: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

To help a person live healthier, the Southern Union Conference Health Ministries Department provides support and consultation to conferences’ health ministries personnel and programs in the Southern Union.

One of the programs supported by the Union is InStep for Life. This is a new fitness program initiative launched by the North American Division in partnership with Adventist Risk Management. For most people, walking is the simplest, most convenient, and least expensive way to be physically active. You can walk almost anywhere at any time.

Walking is also an excellent form of prevention for a myriad of diseases. InStep for Life is promoting a new walking program designed to motivate and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Let’s make the Southern Union the healthiest in the Division. The InStep for Life initiative will conclude at the 2010 General Conference Session is Atlanta, GA

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Click Here for the youtube video of Benefits of Being A Seventh-day Adventist Christian

Upcoming Events

Southern Union Health Ministries Training with Katia Reinert
November 7-9, 2014
Click here for registration information
Click here for Event Brochure

Adventist Recover Ministries Training
February 6-8, 2015
Southern Union Conference Office
Registration details coming soon

The Next NAD Health Summit is Scheduled for 2016
More Details to Come in the Summer of 2015

Let's Move Day
September 20, 2014
Click here for more information

Alcohol Awareness Month
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
National Autism Month
National Minority Health Month
Women’s Eye Health Awareness Month

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