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MagaBook and Youth Summit Programs
Empowering young people with spreading good news to the community is an important part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In the Southern Union Conference, the MagaBook and Youth Summit programs offer students in academies and Universities across the Southern Union the opportunity to meet people one-on-one and share life-changing literature.

The MagaBook and Youth Summit programs also provide a way for young people to earn tuition money for their education. Academy age students receive on average a $2500 to $4000 dollar scholarship every year. University students average a scholarship of $4000 to $6000 every year. These scholarships can significantly reduce the amount of student loans necessary to complete one’s education.

The only three requirements are:
  • A desire to grow in Jesus
  • Passing grades in school
  • A good work record
We will provide:
  • Witnessing, Christian fellowship, and Bible study
  • Seminar and field training
  • Food, housing, and local transportation
  • School scholarship funds
An inspired author once wrote, “The very best education young men can obtain is by entering the canvassing field and working from house to house.....The Lord has instituted a plan whereby many of the students in our schools can learn practical lessons needful to success in afterlife....This work is a means of education. It is an excellent school for those who are qualifying themselves for the ministry....and they will learn many practical lessons which they could not possibly learn in school.”*

Students in many areas of study have confirmed this to be true. Those working towards a degree which will require regular interaction with others, including education, social work, business management, nursing, theology, or the intent to do Bible work or go to the mission field, plus many other areas, will benefit from this experience. 

More information about the MagaBook and Youth Summit program is available on our website.

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Rick Christman Photo Rick Christman, Director
Assistant: Connie Beckworth
Phone: (404) 299-1832, ext. 482
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* C.M. 30 - 33
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