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Southern Society of Adventist Attorneys (SSAA)

The purpose of the Southern Society of Adventist Attorneys is to grow a network of Adventist attorneys where relationships can be fostered socially and spiritually. The Church wants to provide information and guidance, both spiritual and legal, to members concerning their religious liberty needs. Active attorney members of the society are also committed to mentoring Adventist law students enrolled in law schools around the union.

In addition to an annual retreat, the society also holds spring dinners in areas where the larger population of attorneys reside.

When the occasion arises, referrals are made to church members who specifically want to be represented by an Adventist attorney.

Below you will find the links to the updated filable forms for the attorney retreat.

Upcoming Event:

File form for law student stipends

File form for SSAA Membership

Southern Society of Adventist Attorneys Retreat Registration:

41st Annual Fall Retreat Form

Retreat Schedule

Event Brochure