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Stewardship is the lifestyle of one who accepts Christ, walking in partnership with God and acting as God’s agent to manage His affairs on earth. It is a way of showing gratitude to God for the many blessings he has given us and neither begins nor ends with money. Every aspect of our life is related to stewardship and affects the way a Christian lives. Stewardship is lordship…management…a relationship. It requires faithfulness and has restrictions. Real stewardship is a decision; a choice we make that touches everything else we do. It means developing our energy, abilities, time, and resources for God. The heart of stewardship is partnership with God.

The Stewardship Department of the Southern Union Conference provides stewardship seminars for conference directors and churches and provides helpful resources to guide a person in Christian stewardship.

Upcoming Events
Stewardship Commitment Month
January 1-31, 2014
Stewardship Commitment Sabbath
January 18, 2014
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